6 Reasons Every Organization Needs Video Surveillance

Many organizations have video surveillance systems in place.  Others have thought about it but don’t know where to start.  There are many aspects that need to be considered before purchasing a video surveillance system and it must be designed to meet your goals.  We’ll explore some of the reasons to have a surveillance system at your business.

  1. Watch who is entering or exiting your business: Many organizations are moving away from a traditional receptionist that sits and greets everyone when they enter. If there was a surveillance system in place, anyone could watch the front door from their computer.
  2. Asset protection: no one wants things stolen from them and the same is true for organizations. By having a surveillance system, it will detract from people stealing product or robbing the organization.
  3. Watch employee’s activity: At times, it is important to watch what employees are doing. This could be to see what stage of the project they are working on or it could be to make sure they are doing what they are paid to do. Sometimes it is used to watch for safe work practices. I had a client with an employee claiming a box fell off a shelf and injured them and they needed paid time off to recover.  After reviewing the surveillance footage there was indeed a box that fell but it didn’t touch the employee that was looking at some paid time off.
  4. Watch visitor’s activities: What are the people visiting your organization doing? Are they entering an area they shouldn’t be in or acting suspicious? Having a surveillance system will help monitor where people are at and how they are acting in your organization.
  5. Child protection: organization that care for children must have a video surveillance system to protect the children. In the world today children are at risk of abuse from caretakers, If there is surveillance in place it can support their claims. This is a needed system for daycare facilities, church nurseries and classrooms, and schools.
  6. Caretaker protection: While caring for children, caretakers can be reported for abuse and ruin their lives even due to a false claim. A video surveillance system can protect the caretakers from allegations of abuse by disproving the child’s claim.

If your organization is considering a video surveillance system it is important to discuss the goals you’re hoping to achieve once the system is installed.  If you read my other article to understand the basics of video surveillance it will help make an informed decision about your surveillance system.

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