Harderwyk Ministries

Harderwyk Ministries recently contracted Media Technology Solutions to upgrade their video recording systems in their 3 different auditoriums on campus.  MTS designed a system with a Pan/Tilt/Zoom HD camera mounted in the back of the auditorium connected to a monitor in the booth allowing remote control of the camera.  There is a recorder/streaming device in the booth that allows the video and audio to be captured on an SD memory card.  The video can then be edited and posted to their website.  The HD video quality is a huge upgrade to the old SD camera system that was about 15 years old.

IMG_0055    IMG_0069

Harderwyk also contracted MTS to add a projector and screen to their sanctuary.  They wanted the projector mounted in the back and an electric screen mounted to the side of their stage.  The screen would end up covering the organ chamber opening, so a screen was chosen that doesn’t block sound.

IMG_0066    IMG_0061