St. Matthew Lutheran Church – Acoustical Treatement

Media Technology Solutions just finished up a project at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids.  St. Matthews added a multi-purpose room which doubles as a gym about a year ago and they were having problems with reverberation in the room.

The architect that designed the space did a great job designing it to minimize the reverberation by putting in angled walls and perforated ceiling grids but it still had about a 4 second reverberation.  It was difficult to even have a conversation

with 2 people in the room let alone hold a worship service with 300 people.  MTS came in and designed a combination of ceiling baffles and wall panels The baffles are hung from the steel rafters and the panels are hung on the back and side walls.  We were able to avoid putting panels on the front walls.  The final result was a reverberation time of under 1 second.  They are able to hold worship services in that room now and everyone will be able to understand what is spoken and communicated.