First Baptist Church of Kalamazoo

First Baptist Church of Kalamazoo was experiencing issues with ineligibility of the audio in their sanctuary.  The size of the space and the output and coverage of the speakers they had were not powerful enough to provide the coverage and volume needed.  The issue needed to be resolved with low IMG_3180cost while still providing long term solution.  We installed two Community 12″ two-way full-range loudspeakers powered by a 475 watt amplifier.  We reused 3 JBL 70 volt speakers they already had installed on both sides underneath the balcony.  We also upgraded their wireless microphones.  Between these two relatively inexpensive upgrades and the use of their existing sound board, we were able to get good sound that covered the whole seating area.


First Presbyterian Church of Three Rivers


First Presbyterian Church contacted us with issues they were having with there audio and reverberation. This caused intelligibility issues which meant people listening during the service had a hard time understanding. This was because there current speaker configuration was causing the audio to hit the walls and bounce around.

First Presbyterian did not want to put acoustic treatment on the wall so we designed an audio system that suited their needs very well.   We installed 2 JBL DSX280 powered column array loudspeakers to solve the issues they were experiencing.  These speakers use a vertical beam shaping technology that can be controlled by the use of software.  This allowed us to point the sound at the seating area for optimal performance. The speakers also look great and work very well aesthetically with the space. We installed a new digital board which was ideal for fine adjustment as well as ease of use for volunteers. We also updated their FM transmitting system to help people that have a hard time hearing.


Their choir was having issues hearing with their current monitors because they were not providing enough coverage. We replaced the old monitors with a slim looking speaker that provides excellent coverage. We mounted one permanently on the wall in the choir loft and put the other on a speaker stand so it can be moved while not in use.  We also mounted a video monitor in a discrete location for the choir so they could see what is shown on the camera or the projector.

First Presbyterian did not have an existing projector or camera for recording. We installed a HD projector that provides a great image in their space as well as an HD camera for recording there service.  The camera image also displays on the TV so the choir can see what is happening on the stage.  We went through all equipment and made sure it was functioning and looked neat. It is very important to us that the volunteers and First Presbyterian know how these systems work so we spent adequate time training them. They are pleased with what we were able to do for them.