Christian Reformed Conference Grounds – Grand Haven

The Christian Reformed Conference Grounds in Grand Haven began construction of their new worship center last year. Media Technology Solutions has the honor of designing and implementing Audio, Video, and Theatrical lighting for this new building.  We have designed permanent systems for the main and rear stages and portable systems for the outdoor area.  This building is a couple of weeks away from being done and we are very excited. Everything is coming along great and we cant wait for the final result.

Sunrise Ministries

IMG_3700Sunrise Ministries was in need of a temporary worship location. Hudsonville Christian Middle School was able to rent a portion of the school to them. It was very important to Sunrise Ministries to create an atmosphere or worship in the gym so people could focus on God.  Since this space is only used on Sunday morning, it needed to be setup and torn down easily.  Media Technology Solutions was asked to come up with a solution for this on a budget.  IMG_3703

We installed a few LED lights on an existing light bar and provided a controller on the main floor.  We also have LED lights around the room that shine on the walls to provide more lighting.  We did this so the main florescent lights would no longer be needed during the service. This was very effective in giving us control in changing the overall mood of the room. We also upgraded their audio system to a X32 digital sound board with a digital snake.  This allowed them to run a single cat5 cable to the front of the room for all their channels.  We also provided them with In-Ear-Monitors in order to cut down on the stage noise during their contemporary worship sets.  Sunrise Ministries held their first service in this space on Easter Sunday and it was a great success. We are glad that we could be of assistance in reaching their end goal.