Ridge Point Community Church

Ridge Point Community Church was having issues with their projectors. The image quality was low and not up to the standard they were trying to hold.  Media Technology Solutions installed 4 new laser projectors which can show a bright and crisp HD display.  They can project for 20,000 hours without the use of lamps which means they have a very low long term maintenance cost. Media Technology Solutions was very happy to provide a long term solution to Ridge Point that will give them many years of use.

Providence Church – Video Surveillance

Providence Church in Holland is a very busy church that has everything from 2 services on Sunday to daycare during the week.  We installed a 29 camera video surveillance system to protect its volunteers, assets, and people that go through the building on a day to day basis.  Providence feels more comfortable and less liable with this system in place.  MTS is happy that we were able to provide a system and service for one of our clients that would help protect them.

Kelloggsville Christian Reformed Church

Kelloggsville CRC came to MTS with the need for new speakers. Their current setup was getting old and it was starting to show. A single column line array was the perfect solution for the room they were worshiping in.  We knew the speakers we had proposed would provide excellent sound quality and coverage for both the balcony and main seating areas. They are very pleased with the final result.

Northstar Co-op

A few months ago Northstar Co-op in Lansing wanted to replace their conference room projector with a 70″ high definition TV.  This suited their needs very well but they did decided that they could benefit from a larger display given the size of the room. We ended up putting their 70″ display in a conference room they are currently renovating and upgrading the other to an 80″ display.  They are very pleased with what we were able to do for them and the display quality they have for giving presentations.