Churches use technology on a weekly basis and at MTS we feel there is no higher calling than to make sure that the message of Jesus is able to be clearly communicated.  Sound, Video and Lighting can make or break the message that is being presented from the stage.  MTS wants to partner with churches to create distraction free worship experiences.  We don’t want microphone or projector issues standing in the way of the message of Jesus.

MTS can help in the following areas of your church with design, installation, service and training

  • Sound systems
  • Projection systems
  • Theatrical/stage lighting
  • Camera recording systems
  • Hearing assistance systems (Loop)
  • Building wide audio and video distribution
  • Classroom AV systems
  • Acoustical treatment
  • Customized AV system controls
  • Digital Signage
  • Nursery paging system
  • Video surveillance system – Keep the kids, volunteers and the building safe
  • Access Control Systems
  • Other Communications