Our services

Churches use a wide variety of technology on a weekly basis and at MTS we feel there is no higher calling than to make sure that the message of Jesus is able to be clearly communicated. Sound, Video, and Lighting can make or break the message that is being presented from the stage. MTS partners with churches to create distraction free worship experiences. Don’t let microphone or projector issues standing in the way of the message of Jesus.

MTS can help in the following areas of your church with design, installation, service and training.


  • Sound systems
  • Projection systems
  • Theatrical/stage lighting
  • Camera recording systems
  • Hearing assistance systems (Loop/WiFi/RF)
  • Building wide audio and video distribution
  • Classroom AV systems
  • Acoustical treatment
  • Customized AV system controls
  • Digital Signage
  • Nursery paging system
  • Video surveillance system – Keep the kids, volunteers and building safe
  • Network & IT Support
  • Other Communications

Business AV

Businesses can utilize technology to make their everyday tasks easier and to save money. Work with MTS to design a personalized system that will make your business operate and communicate more efficiently.   MTS can help in the following areas:


  • Conference room presentation & voice/video conferencing
  • Building-wide audio/paging system
  • Sound masking (background noise) systems
  • Customized AV system controls
  • Digital Signage
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Network IT systems
  • Communications
  • MS TEAMS or ZOOM Rooms


MTS is passionate about partnering with schools to provide the technology upgrades that make teaching more efficent for the educator and more engaging for the student.  MTS can design systems to help in the following areas:

  • Classroom presentation systems (audio & video)
  • Classroom capture systems
  • Customized controls for system integration
  • Auditorium audio and video systems
  • Digital signage
  • Video surveillance
  • Network IT support & installation
  • Communications


Video surveillance is becoming an important part of many churches, businesses, and schools.  For churches, there is not only asset protection against theft, but more importantly, it can be put into place to protect the kids from abuse and adults from the allegations of abuse.  For businesses, they can keep an eye on who is coming and going as well as protect the assets of the company.  Schools use video surveillance to keep students safe as well as protect adults from allegations of abuse. Let MTS discuss with you the unique needs of your facility and come up with a solution that will provide peace of mind for everyone.


Access control systems have become essential security measures your organization needs to consider. Our systems aid in regulating and monitoring entry to physical spaces, digital resources, or information. Access control systems ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to sensitive areas and assets. These systems encompass a diverse range of technologies, from traditional methods like key cards and PINs to more advanced biometric authentication and smart card systems. Work with MTS to safeguard your space, provide a safer working environment, and enhance your overall security and privacy.